Acupuncture Techniques


For aquapuncture I inject fluids in an acupuncture point through a hypodermic needle. This causes an extended acupuncture effect over several days and is very useful in the treatment of acute diarrhea in dogs and cats, for example.


Moxibustion is the introduction of energy (called "Qi" by the Chinese) into the system by burning special Chinese herbs. The herbs are packed very tightly and sold in a form that looks somewhat like a cigar. By lighting the moxa stick it can shed its (heat) energy to the body either through an acupuncture needle or right at an acupuncture point. I like to use this technique especially in geriatric or malnourished animals or those in poor bodily condition.

Electro Stimulation

I use electro stimulation specifically for the treatment of nerve damage, e.g. radial or facial paralysis in horses or herniated discs in dogs. Concurrently, with electro stimulation, I can reinforce the strength of the pain management therapy I provide with acupuncture.

Gold Bead Implants

For long-term acupuncture treatment, I can implant little gold beads into certain acupuncture points. Besides the treatment of hip dysplasia, I have had tremendous success with treating incontinence in dogs (specifically spayed females) with this technique.

In horses this treatment should only be used after careful evaluation, since the gold beads do show on x-rays and can therefore pose a problem in a later pre-purchase exam.

Laser Acupuncture

Laser treatment is a great support in wound healing in my opinion. It is useful in treating poorly healing open wounds as well as surgical wounds (for example with a big cavity that can fill with fluids) and covered wounds (contusions, sprains, tendon tears). It doesn't only aim at the treatment of individual acupoints, but also at the treatment of a larger area of tissue.

In addition, the point-laser can facilitate treatment, if your animal is uncomfortable with the use of needles.

Dry-needle Acupuncture

Following Chinese medical philosophy, I regulate the flow of life energy (called "Qi") by stimulating certain points, using Classical Acupuncture. This is useful for the treatment of a wide variety of disorders, as well as for preventative treatment. On the one hand, I can treat painful diseases of the musculoskeletal system, e.g. spondylitis and arthritis, with acupuncture. On the other side I can also treat numerous internal diseases such as chronic coughing and sweet itch in horses or chronic cold/flu symptoms in felines. Additionally, I have learned under Dr. Kerry Ridgway a special acupuncture technique that can release tense muscles in horses by using just a few needles, thereby reducing a number of problems under the saddle and helping prevent their return.

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