My Approach to alternative Medicine

I belong to a group of holistic vets who believe that the development of Western medicine has been very beneficial over the last 150 years. It has greatly increased the life expectancy of both humans and animals. Unfortunately, Western medicine has its limitations, some of which can often be overcome by alternative medical treatment. I have experienced this personally many times over the years.

I consciously chose to only offer you the alternative medical treatments of osteopathy and acupuncture. This is primarily because both of these methods fascinate me and because I am absolutely convinced of their effectiveness. Another reason is that the fast pace of a typical Western veterinary practice would not allow me the time for a holistic approach to your animal. There are a number of very qualified vets in the area that will offer you a thorough Western medical diagnosis and treatment of your pets' problems. It's my intention to offer additional approaches and treatments to complement and complete those Western methods.

During my treatment, however, should I encounter disorders in your animal that require Western medical diagnostics or treatment, I will, of course, refer you to a competent colleague for that purpose. As with Western medicine, osteopathy and acupuncture have their own limitations, and it is important to acknowledge them. Nearly 10 years of experience as an equine and small animal veterinarian have provided me with the requisite knowledge to make such determinations, to ensure your animal receives the best possible care.

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